Monday, August 17, 2009

The up side to the bad economy - It’s not all wildflowers...

This recession is causing everyone to reassess their priorities and make an effort to become more self sufficient, and that isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I spent the morning talking to a neighbor who, until a few days ago, owned and operated her own small business, drove huge gas guzzling cars and didn’t go any where with out her Bluetooth and other status symbols. Unfortunately, she was forced to file for bankruptcy in an effort to escape the overwhelming expenses of her faltering small business. Now, I don’t want to suggest that it was good that my neighbor’s small business went belly-up. But, up until this moment my neighbor had blamed the lazy, unproductive, undesirable unions, liberals, and greedy welfare mothers for the entire nation’s ills. Today she was humbled by the new knowledge that even good people who work hard, go to church, and don’t lean on the government for “bailouts” can be forced into bankruptcy, and even become unemployed.

She is a product of the, “more and bigger mentality” that has been passed on for several generations among Americans. Many have defined their self worth by this motto for years - my neighbor among them. The good side of the current faltering economy is that it will force many to reconsider the “keeping up with the Joneses will make me happier” idea and “the welfare roles are filled with lazy unproductive Americans” mentalities. I am not suggesting that my neighbor’s bad fortune was good for her or the community. However, I am saying that up until now her “good Christian” values have not been tested. Perhaps now that she is no longer the “elite business owner,” she will come to grips with basic human values.

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