Thursday, July 16, 2009

My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog. I am a Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Teacher, Student, Ceramic Artist and writer.
The writer part is new, I've spent most of this summer engaged in a online memoir class and I'm loving the genre. My professor informed me that I have a book in me - and she wants it to come out. I am considering her suggestion, which startled me a little as I never gave much thought to writing. But this memoir thing has so many pieces to it - the writing can be therapeutic. Memoirs have an actual structure that makes sense to, with real rules and everything. One thing about the memoir, it certainly offers up one hell of an opportunity for self-aggrandizement and deep deep topics. That puffing up thing, though, has a certain seductive attraction. My professors confidence in me is motivating. I'm truly enjoying the class, and I was hoping there would be a way to stay in touch with her when the class is over - she's a wonderful poet. I would love to continue working on a longer memoir, particularly if she wouldn't mind staying involved. Currently, I am working and doing research on the future of Functional Ceramics and The traditional Potter for NCECA (National Council for the Education of Ceramic Art) but when I'm finished with the thesis I should have more time to devote to the memoir.
The first essay I wrote was about my relationship with my father and the day that it changed. My classmates and professor loved the essay, should I post it here?
Gentle critiques and feedback are what I need - can my blog be the place to solicit responses to my essays?
Is that appropriate?


  1. Great idea Chrys...I would love to read your essay about your Dad, as you are always interesting to me.


  2. Good start, your essay.


  3. I think you should post the essay. When I was younger I used to love to write. Now I just don't seem to have the time to get my thoughts on paper. I think the trick is just to get started and write. You can always fine tune and tweak what you wrote later. Good Luck & I look foward to reading your next blog