Monday, January 18, 2010

Working Woman...

Working Artist, mother, wife, teacher, studio tech, assistant, counselor, manager, cook, maid, personal shopper, event coordinator…

Finally - a blog post! It wasn’t easy, but I found my way back… Followers, please accept my apologies, but life put up a brick wall that required my attention. For that matter, I lost the blog’s direction - like a blind sailor with a broken compass in North Dakota on a cloudy night…… Initially, I had planned to muse over my daily observations, as it was clear that the world just shouldn’t have to wait any longer for my opinions on everything. But then I thought, that perhaps the world would understand, and forgive me if instead I simply used the blog to communicate, and commiserate with other women of the “superMom” persuasion. You know the drill….mother, wife, student, teacher mentor, artist….. and then on the weekends…. Anyway, you get my drift. It’s a fantastic opportunity – to have it all – but it has some costs. I thought that maybe, in the 15 or 20 seconds a day other women may have to stop and bitch a little, or share a triumph, or discuss some creative solution or new artistic endeavor, they might tune into this blog and find some similar situations or observations, and feel a little more understood. So from time to time, I will be using this forurm to share the epiphanies, doubts, joys and, yes, observations of myself and other women who have or are trying to have it all!!!!

Before, during and since the Holidays, I have been consumed with my final return to school, and have been preparing for graduation in the spring. HEY 2010 – first in my family to earn a bachelors degree (I am soooo excited)! Yeah ME! Anyway, the posted picture is an illustration of me at my glamorous best, working at home, and having a discussion with my daughter, and planning dinner, and, well…….

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